ADT Dealer Program Review

ADT Alarm Dealer Program

ADT Dealer Program Review

Multiples: C-
Coverage: A+
Ease of Working With: C+

The Good

The good in the ADT dealer program can be summed up in three words: brand, brand, brand. Everyone knows who ADT is and this strong branding can definitely help close some extras sales. As one of two truly national alarm dealer programs, ADT has coverage and name recognition all across the country. When your show up at a potential customers home, they know exactly why you are there and who you are.

ADT also has fairly low pass through rates compared to and the rest of the industry. They also have excellent equipment pricing thanks to their size. With the merger between ADT and Protection 1, it remains to be seen just how much ADT’s alarm dealer program will evolve.

Their new dealer training program is excellent and thorough, which will be a significant plus for anyone relatively new to the alarm industry or new to alarm dealer programs.

The Bad

Brand, brand, brand. Everyone knows who ADT is and if you are talking to someone who had a bad experience with the nations largest home security company or one of their other dealers, you are fighting an uphill battle.
Their Pulse system is very much lacking compared to the rest of the industry. It is harder to install, more difficult to use, and doesn’t have nearly as many features.

Also, ADT dealers are very limited in the equipment they can sell and the price points they can sell at. You will not be able to use price as a competitive advantage as a member of ADT’s alarm dealer program, and ADT tends to be on the lower side of the scale when it comes to multiples. Lastly, you will likely be competing with corporate ADT sales reps.

The Ugly

It is very difficult for smaller alarm dealers to compete in the ADT dealer program. ADT has two huge national dealers that market very aggressively in many different channels. Almost every homeowner recalls seeing a mailer from one of these 2 dealers offering a very low price and a lot of equipment for free. If you are competing with that offer, you will almost certainly not be able to match it and still make a profit.
Pick them if:
You need a strong brand presence to help sell in a nationwide or rural area.
Stay away if:
You want control and flexibility with equipment and pricing.

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