Alarm Capital Alliance Dealer Program


Alarm Capital Alliance Dealer Program

Multiples: A
Coverage: A-
Ease of Working With: B+

The Good:

The Alarm Capital Alliance dealer program is a solid alarm dealer program that tends to keep dealers around for a long time. Only a handful of dealers have ever left the program and ACA prides themselves on being easy to work with. Since they do not impose a volume requirement any sized dealer is welcome to join.

Their compensation program is among the best in the business and has some unique extras. For example they allow dealers to earn additional multiples even after the initial funding. Their security dealer program is the only one offering to subsidize pass through rates and their 5% holdback results in higher payouts than most other programs.¬†¬†While ACA’s model isn’t to be the “highest bidder” when it comes to multiples their offering puts them in the higher tiers of dealer program payouts.

The Alarm Capital Alliance dealer program offers the shortest dealer contract in the business at 1 year. This provides for a lot of flexibility and really requires them to “put their money where their mouth is”. ACA is also very flexible when it comes to branding and yard signs as they allow dealers to brand themselves instead of requiring that ACA’s brand be the focus.

Lastly, ACA’s alarm dealer program allows the dealer to earn more revenues by way of referrals, upgrades, and service than most other programs. They have some very unique policies that allow a dealer to upgrade a customer, even after the initial funding.

The Bad:

While ACA does have a national footprint, it is limited to relatively well populated areas. If you live in a remote area ACA is unlikely to accept you into their alarm dealer program.

ACA is very selective in who they allow into the program. By their own admission they are not the easiest program to come on board with. If you choose ACA, be prepared to be patient while the due diligence and on boarding process happens.

ACA is not a fit for any dealers that travel or intend to do business in a large geographical area. They prefer to have dealers cover a specific area near a physical office. If you are a summer program or get most of your sales via a van crew you should look elsewhere.

The Ugly:

The Alarm Capital Alliance dealer program generally will not accept anyone who has not been in business for at least a year and doesn’t have at least 100 accounts in house.

Pick them if: You are a traditional company in a specific market area looking to build your brand and establish a long term home security company.

Stay away if: You are a summer model company or get most of your business through door knocking.

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