Monitronics Dealer Program Review


Monitronics Dealer Program Review

Multiples: A
Coverage: A+
Ease of Working With: B

The Good

Monitronics dealer program is one of few programs that is only focused on its dealer program and doesn’t compete with its dealers via corporate sales reps. Their footprint covers almost the entire United States and Canada so dealers can sell anywhere without territory restrictions. The vast network of service technicians also means that referrals and installs in virtually any corner of the county can be taken care of.

They have an excellent and comprehensive alarm dealer training program that all new dealers are required to attend. More than any other program, Monitronics invests in technology and apps to streamline all parts of the process.

Monitronics also offers very high multiples and a residual, consistently putting out the highest term sheets for it’s alarm dealers. They are flexible when it comes to equipment and almost always among the first to adopt new technologies, equipment, and offerings to improve the business.

If branding is important to you, Monitronics is one of very few programs that will allow you to brand your own company and use your own yard signs.

Lastly, Moni is known to wine and dine larger dealers. If you enjoy special treatment and can produce then you will like Monitronics.

The Bad

For all the good, Monitronics dealer program does have room for improvement. Their reputation among current and former dealers has struggled. A high turnover among employees means alarm dealers are very frequently working with new managers and account reps, which results in a lot of mis communications and frustrations.

They require dealers to service accounts for a full 12 months, while the industry standard is closer to 90 days. They are also extremely strict with their dealer renewals and cancellations policy. If you sign up with Monitronics, you will be with them for at least 3 years no matter what.

The Ugly

Monitronics has deductions and costs than most other dealer contracts. Their chargeback policy is confusing and designed to help them profit even on bad accounts. It includes a clause that requires dealers to finish paying a customers first year of monitoring if the account goes bad. Be sure to carefully read and understand the chargeback policy or you could be in for a surprise.
Pick them if:
You intend to have sales teams in multiple markets and want to do large volume while branding your own company.
Stay away if:
You are a smaller operation doing under 5-10 monthly.

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