Vector Dealer Program Review

Vector dealer program

Vector Dealer Program Review

Multiples: B
Coverage: C
Ease of Working With: B

The Good

Vector has an extremely good reputation among its dealers for being an excellent alarm dealer program. They treat dealers well and are easy to work with. The have a very strong presence in the northeast and a very recognizable brand in that area. Their multiples are above average and the payouts straightforward.

Vector also offers funding in as little as 5 days, which can be a major boost when cash flow is tight. The Vector dealer program offers very low pass through rates and residuals as well.

They do have branch offices which offer some additional resources to local dealers. Lastly, they restrict the number of dealers in a given area so there is not too much competition from Vector dealers.

The Bad

Vector is another smaller dealer program with very limited presence, operating in only 19 states currently. While strong in the northeast, their presence grows substantially weaker as you move down the coast and into the gulf coast area where they do have a Texas presence, but a very limited one.

You must also be prepared to service accounts indefinitely as they have minimal resources to provide this service in some areas.

The Ugly

It’s a bit of a stretch to lump this into the ugly category, but Vector is more focused on smaller, traditional dealers, so if you are looking for a program that will help you become a national alarm company, you will be better off looking elsewhere.
Pick them if:
You are a small to medium sized operation in the Northeast.
Stay away if:
You want to grow to become a large dealer with a footprint outside the East and Southeast.

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