Central Security Group Dealer Program Review

central security group dealer program

Central Security Group Dealer Program Review

Multiples: C+
Coverage: C+
Ease of Working With: C+

The Good

This alarm dealer program is one of the first programs and has some unique offerings. Instead of guaranteeing an account for 12 months they offer a 3 payment guarantee if the customer’s credit is high enough. They don’t typically do a holdback and have a very flexible contract when it comes to dealers opting out: 90 days notice releases either party.

They are also security dealer program with very high dealer satisfaction ratings and have a very strong brand presence in their home state of Oklahoma.

A new leadership team has taken the helm over the last few years and has made significant improvements to the company as a whole, with a heavy emphasis on improving the customer experience.

The Bad

The Central Security group dealer program is a regional company and relatively unknown in many markets. They operate mainly in the south and are very selective with dealers they bring on and the markets they will buy in. Dealers are required to service all of their own accounts indefinitely (CSG does pay for this). This means that CSG will require at least one backup dealer or a branch close by before they will allow a new dealer into the program. Alarm dealers are regularly declined for being too far away from a potential back up service provider.

The Ugly

CSG has a reputation as an alarm dealer program that makes parts of the process more difficult than necessary. For example Monitronics has a reputation for bending over backwards to buy accounts. CSG will decline accounts not within your defined service area. By default this is typically 30-40 miles from your physical office.

CSG has implemented some new technology and promises more. However the Central Security Group dealer program has been slow to embrace new technology that benefits larger dealers.  This is especially true when it comes to the account on boarding process. Many former dealers, especially those doing volume or same day installs, will tell you that CSG is antiquated and slow. While that characterization is a bit unfair they are among the slower security dealer programs to adopt and implement new technology. For example their electronic documents procedure costs $8 per contract and must be emailed to the customer. Most other alarm dealer programs allow a customer to digitally sign on an iPad.

CSG’s corporate presence in several markets influences their willingness to commit to dealer growth. Their executive team has a background in growing branches and many speculate this will be the primary focus for CSG.
Pick them if: You are a small operation or traditional alarm company focusing in a specific, defined territory within CSG’s footprint.
Stay away if: You intend to do volume and have your customers installed the same day they are sold.

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